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Our new app makes it easier to complete data collection tasks and get paid to power AI.


Fair, Flexible Work

Manage your work-life balance with flexible, part-time work from the comfort of your home, while working on interesting projects with competitive pay.


Work for Everyone

With numerous projects available at all times, you can choose to work on a diverse set of tasks, like reviewing ads, search results, and map points, labeling images and video for self-driving cars, transcribing audio clips for voice assistants, translating text snippets, and more.


Shape the World

Join our crowd and represent your local communities’ interests and culture, and label or collect data to train artificial intelligence (AI) that works for everyone. Chances are your friends and family might be using the very AI you helped train.


Work With the Best

Our experience spans more than 20 years working with global companies across technology, finance, automotive, healthcare, government, retail, and other industries.

Global Leading Provider of Flexible Work

We have over 20 years of experience in providing data collection and annotation services for Fortune 500 clients, including top global technology companies. We are focused on our over 1 million contributor network well-being, including promoting communication, crowd voice, fair pay, inclusion, privacy and confidentiality, and well-being. Our commitment is reflected by industry recognition and participation in trade organizations.


Recognized by FlexJobs as a Top 100 Company to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2014-2020, including the #1 ranking in 2017, 2019, and 2020

Appen has joined the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC), an organization whose mission is to “build more inclusive global supply chains through advancing wide-scale adoption of Impact Sourcing.” The alignment between Appen’s Code of Ethics and GISC’s mission creates a strong partnership in the effort to provide opportunities for individuals around the world.

“We support Appen’s efforts to develop a Code of Ethics for its crowd. We believe these considerations are essential for both the crowd and the industry to thrive, and this complements our ethical pricing and best practices guidelines we issued earlier this year.”

Sebastian Kohlmeier at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2)

Success Stories From Our Crowd

I have been working from home for about 4 years. Currently, in these difficult times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, having the opportunity to access extra income is very helpful. In addition to this, collaborating on the different types of tasks on the platform helps to invest time, and gives you something remunerable to do during quarantine. That’s one of the great benefits of working from home, and Appen is definitely an excellent platform to do it, with a wide variety of work to do.


I thought I’d be alone when it came to learning my job, but I found that the community is great! I use the chat feature all the time whether I’m asking questions or answering them, everybody answered my questions when I was new and I like to think I’m giving back now. (…)I love working from home, and I also get to learn a lot of new things that I would never have learned otherwise, even sometimes while wearing pajamas!”



I run an urban agriculture business, and I need as much flexibility as possible to run my farm and to market my product outside whenever I need to. Plus living in Tokyo, I hate riding a packed train to get to work. Working from home removes stress from my life, while staying time-efficient. (…)I love the fact that I can work anytime I want, and also knowing that I’m helping the online community have a smoother interaction and experience on the internet.



I was looking for some extra jobs to do when I have free time from my little jewelry shop. This work sounded so interesting that I decided to apply for it. Now that I have been working remotely for over a year and a half, I really love the flexibility and the ability to study at the same time and work when I can. And I love not having to travel two hours a day to get to work.



I was an undergraduate Engineering student back when I first came by Appen, formerly known as Figure Eight, but back then it was even called CrowdFlower. It fit my need for extra cash perfectly and the jobs were super interesting, not everyday I get to contribute to training/building cutting edge technologies. It worked so well for me that I told everyone I know about it and it has been part of our lives for years now.




Crowd Code of Ethics


Fair Pay

Our goal is to pay our crowd above minimum wage in every market around the world where we operate.



A diverse, inclusive culture is vital to our mission of helping build better AI. We offer opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.


Crowd Voice

Our crowd has a valued voice at Appen and their feedback helps us to continuously improve.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Any information collected about the crowd is requested solely for the purposes of the project. We take precautions to protect that information and do not release private data on individuals to third parties without consent.



We believe in helpful, transparent, and responsive lines of communication with our crowd.



We promote wellness, community, and connections through online forums and best practices.